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Fastest Laptop


Why are Prostar gaming laptops the fastest laptop with the best mobile technology?

Frist, Prostar has many firsts in gaming laptop technology:

  1. ProStar is the first to offer 19” TFT active matrix display laptops in widescreen resolutions. We are also the first to provide NVIDIA SLI Technology on our laptops.
  2. ProStar is the first to provide Intel Extreme Edition and Intel Core 2 Quad in our laptops. For our AMD loyalist, we provide FX and X2 Dual Core processors.
  3. ProStar is the first to offer dual SATA hard drives in RAID configurations, our extreme gaming laptops and graphics laptops provide an exceptional amount of storage flexibility.
  4. ProStar is one of the first to introduce swappable GPU module, we equipped our high end system with ATI Radeon X800 and NVIDIA GeForce 8700.
  5. ProStar is one of the first company to add new amenities such as built in TV Tuner, Bluetooth and wireless; making your notebook experience more enjoyable.
Second, Prostar has the best laptop quality control standards than any other company. We build the best laptop with highest quality components available. We test all the laptop components available in the market to see which works the most efficiently with the best quality. This will give our customer a long-life fastest gaming laptops. We have customers still use their 10-year-old Prostar gaming laptops today. Other company may take a bare bone laptop, stuff it with cheapest components they can find in the market, and ship it out. Would you be surprised to know some laptop companies do not test or burn in their laptops? We have a three to five working days to build, test and burn in time. At Prostar, we care the most about what is best quality for our customers.

If you want the fastest laptop, you shall look for the Prostar D900F or Prostar M980NU. Both have benchmarks to place them as the fastest laptop in the market today. Check out the both models’ reviews in our website: Put Prostar Gaming Laptops on a try, call our sales representative at (888) 576-6776 and find out why the fastest laptop is always found with Prostar gaming laptop. Talk to our knowledge sale representative, they will help you to find the fastest custom laptops to fit your need. Not the most expensive system.

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