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ProStar Clevo Vs Asus MSI Gaming Laptops


ProStar Clevo vs. Asus/MSI Gaming Laptops
- a comparison of ProStar Clevo, Asus/MSI laptops for the serious gamer

By Roger Smith

Gamers want a laptop that delivers realistic graphics, incredible sound quality, a super-charged processor, a fast video card and high resolution displays. A laptop that is able to handle a stable, high speed Internet connection is essential for the serious gamer. Pro-Star Clevo and Asus/MSI gaming laptops deliver all of these features in different ways. Each of these laptops is designed to provide the gamer with an unforgettable gaming experience.

Pro-Star Clevo claims to be the fastest gaming laptop on the market. This laptop is equipped with:

  • An Intel Core i7 processor
  • The fastest notebook GPU from NIVIDIA, the GeForce GTX 560M
  • Features a 16GB dual-channel DDR3 memory—this allows for optimum performance for realistic game-play and multi-threaded applications
  • The laptop is lightweight and easy to transport—it weighs as little as 12.1 lbs
  • A 17.3” full 1080P HD LED display will give you a complete gaming experience

    The Pro-Star Clevo is also able to display 3D games in true 3D. This will give the gamer access to many more types of games. Another great advantage of the Pro-Star Clevo is that you never have to worry about running out of space. It has three hard drive bays for expanded memory. It comes with the industry-leading RAID-enable fault tolerance storage capacities. Some other selling points for this laptop are its futuristic design, metal brushed onyx housing, plus it has all the latest connectivity ports. Clearly, this is a good choice for gamers; but not the only option.

    To learn more about the ProStar Clevo, please visit

    Asus G74SX and the MSI GT683—Other Gaming Laptops on the Market

    Like the Pro-Star Clevo, the Asus G74SX is:

  • Lightweight and portable; it weighs only 9.4 lbs
  • It also has a 17.3” screen and is able to deliver 3D graphics
  • It has the fastest processor available, the Intel Core i7 2630 QM
  • It can be upgraded to a faster processor
  • I has 12 GB of RAM and 2 hard drive bays giving you more storage space
  • It also comes with the best video card created by Asus
    Its excellent hardware and design makes this laptop perfect for gamers.

    Finally, the MSI GT683 gaming laptop is designed to handle even the most complex games. This laptop is lighter than the Asus G74SX and the Pro-Star Clevo—it weighs only 7.7 lbs. It also features the same processor and GPU as these models. The MSI GT683 has a smaller screen size, 15.6.” However, it provides full 1080p HD resolution. This laptop has a unique feature that the other laptops don't offer. It has touch-control devices and audio controls that make it very user-friendly. Like the Asus and Pro-Star Clevo, it has two hard drive bays. This laptop provides ultimate portability without sacrificing graphics quality. It’s great for the mobile gamer!

    The Pro-Star Clevo, Asus, and MSI gaming laptops are all great options available to the serious gamer. Each of these provides HD resolution, fast processors, high-quality video cards, more-than-adequate memory storage and excellent sound quality. These laptops are designed to create the ultimate gaming experience.

    TLearn about the Pro-Star Clevo, Asus and MSI gaming laptops at

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