Intel's fifth generation chip, dubbed Broadwell

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Offfer

Free upgrade offer valid for qualified Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices

Prostar Introduces Gigabyte Notebooks

City of Industry, CA, March 31, 2015Prostar, a notebook/laptop computer distributor since 1992, is announce to introduce Gigabyte notebooks into their product line.

Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives.

NVIDIA launches 900M series GPUs

Laptop graphics processors have long played second fiddle to their desktop counterparts.

NVIDIA Quadro VGA cards: K1100M, K3100M and K5100M

This year, as NVIDIA begins the rollout of the latest line of GeForce graphics cards, we at ProStar thought it would be a good time to send a salute to the unsung hero of the professional graphics world, the Nvidia Quadro card (K1100M, K3100M and K5100M).

Msata Solid State Drives

This year, as NVIDIA begins the rollout of the latest line of GeForce graphics cards, we at ProStar thought it would be a good time to send a salute to the unsung hero of the professional graphics world, the Nvidia Quadro card (K1100M, K3100M and K5100M).

DirectX 11 Update

The great X of the computer world, less famous than Xerox or the Xeon processor perhaps, but ubiquitous and indispensible nonetheless.

ASUS, MSI and Prostar/Clevo 17.3 Gaming Computers

TThe gaming and high-performance laptop market is home to many fine flagship models in the 15.6 and 17.3 inch categories. Of the 17.3 inch gaming laptops on the market perhaps no other three define the category as well as the GT70 series from MSI, the ROG G750 series from ASUS and the P170SM-A series from Clevo. In this article we will overview each system and examine these frontrunners of the 17.3 market.

Nvidia GTX 780M and 880M Comparison

The graphics processing unit (GPU) is the engine that provides the lions share of the all-important firepower that gamers and professionals demand and, ever since its inception, GPU design and advancement has taken its rightful place as a staple topic of techies and enthusiasts.

The Prostar Computers Difference

Since its founding in 1992 Prostar Computers has been producing high-quality customized laptops to a meet myriad of needs for a diverse consumer market that includes educators, students, engineering and design professionals, government employees, researchers, military personnel and dedicated gamers.

LCD Calibration

Monitor calibration is not a heavily sought after practice and is generally geared towards the enthusiast, rather than the mainstream user.

Backlight Bleed

Many users are taken aback at the sight of the backlight overlapping part of the picture in their new notebook monitor.

AMD Radeon HD 8970M Laptop

AMD's Wunderkind

How-to Clear Your Cache and Cookies

Many of you may have heard of your web browsers cache and cookies.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M and 780M

Around the same time the 8970M from AMD was announced, NVidia touted their latest 7xxM (for notebooks) as well.

Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Pack

The release of rather anticipated Windows 8 brought about some hype, as well as some confusion.

Some General Specific

Just a few things you should know before you rush out to claim your prize.

Different Form Factors

In this article, we'll dig a little deeper on the subject of ultra portable notebooks, netbooks, and conventional laptops.

Microsoft Office 2013

If you have some concern about compatibility for New Microsoft Office 2013, you may find some answers below:

Asus Vivobook

ASUS VivoBook X202 and S400 form the beginning of a series of devices in screen sizes ranging from 11.6 to 14

NVIDIA Quadro K5000M Professional Graphic Laptop

Prostar is releasing a new Professional Graphic card on our P370EM graphic laptop.

Windows 8 comparison

Windows puts what matters most right on your Start screen. Get instant access to your people, apps, and stuff.

Buy Microsoft Office Now and Download the Next Version Free

Microsoft and Prostar are working together to offer our laptop customers a great dealBuy Office Now, Download the Next Version Free.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M Graphics Card

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M graphics card is the fastest, most advanced gaming laptop GP ever built.

MSI Gaming Laptop News Release

Subject: Steel Series Backlit Keyboard.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M Graphics Card

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M graphics card is one of the prime graphics cards on the market right now.

Ivy Bridge Processor

This Spring Intel released its first third generation core processor, known as the Ivy Bridge Processor.

ProStar Clevo vs. Asus/MSI Gaming Laptops

Gamers want a laptop that delivers realistic graphics, incredible sound quality, a super-charged processor, a fast video card and high resolution displays.

Asus Tablet PC Equipped to Enhance User Experience

The Asus tablet PC may be the first to feature Google Play Store. This store is designed to work similar to iTunes.

Work hard play harder when you CUSTOMIZE THE BEST GAMING LAPTOP

You work hard and like to have fun by playing games on your laptop. Your dream is to customize the best gaming laptop and have fun everywhere you go.

Asus G74SX vs G73SW Gaming Laptop Nvidia GeForce 560M GTXs 128-bit

Recently, I have a lot of customers calling me and asking me one question: Is Nvidia GeForce 560M GTX GPU using 128 bit?

What makes The Fastest Gaming Laptop

The fastest gaming laptop is a crucial part of gaming. But what makes the fastest gaming laptop?

AMD Radeon HD 6990M VGA Graphic

Dismantle the enemy with deadly efficiency with uncompromising graphics and intense gaming performance with DirectX 11 Evolved technology.

Some Things to Consider When Buying The Fastest Gaming Laptop

Some Things to Consider When Buying The Fastest Gaming Laptop

Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M

NVIDIA is announcing the GeForce GTX 560M mobile Graphics Processing Unit, a powerful laptop GPU equipped with a 1550MHz Processor Clock, a 775MHz Graphics Clock, 192 CUDA Cores, and up to 3GB of 192-bit 1250MHz GDDR5 RAM.

AMD Radeon HD 6970M VGA Graphic

Watch your platoons in remarkably rich and realistic HD quality with AMDs second generation of hardware supporting Microsoft DirectX 11.

Asus G73SW gaming laptop

The popular G73 series has been updated with the recent release of Intels 2nd generation Core i3/i5/i7 for an even faster notebook.

Linux on Prostar P170HM, Clevo P170HM gaming laptop

Prostar would like to thanks Mr. N.M. Vega to provide following information on installing Linux software into Prostar P170HM, Clevo P170HM gaming laptop

Asus G73SW-A1 announcement

Intel on January 31, 2011 announced the detection of a design error in the new Sandy Bridge-based Intel 6 Series support chip, also known as Cougar Point.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 485M

Give your games an adrenaline shot with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M notebook GPUs. Expect the fastest performance and visually-stunning graphics.

Nvidia GeForce GT 540M with Nvidia Optimus technology custom built laptop

NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M delivers the perfect balance of graphics performance and quad-core processor support

Asus Gaming Laptop I

The Word is that ASUS has produced some of the best computer equipment for many years.

Asus Gaming Laptop II

No matter how much we refuse to admit it, gaming will never lose its popularity. Rather than ignoring this naturally addicting past time, we've long agreed to embrace it.

ATI CrossFireX Technology

ATI CrossfireX Technology on Prostar X8100.

Nvidia Optimus Technology

NVIDIA Optimus technology intelligently optimizes your notebook PC, providing the outstanding graphics performance you need, when you need it, all the while extending battery life for longer enjoyment.

Best Gaming Laptops for Sophisticated Gamers

The best gaming laptops all have screaming processors, fast memory, huge hard drives, and a large screen so everything seems bigger than life.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M

ProStar introduce Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M GPU on D900F, the most powerful and fastest gaming laptop

Asus G73jh Gaming Laptop

For the past eighteen years ProStar has been committed to the provision of the latest mobile technology, the best Asus custom gaming laptop.

Best Cheap Laptop

For the past fifteen years ProStar has been committed to the provision of the latest mobile technology, the best cheap laptop

Best Gaming Computer

The best gaming computeris not only a great tool to keep things rolling in high-tech glory, but it's also a necessity for your gaming graphics.

Best Gaming Laptop

The best gaming laptopis a great way to get all your technological gadgets you need for superior gaming and in place.

Best Gaming Laptops

The best gaming laptopscan feel a lot better in the gaming world. It makes you more comfortable, and it keeps everything in the best possible resolution.

Best Gaming Notebook

Is your notebook old and dated, or does it simply not provide the gaming and performance that you expect?

Best Laptop Prices

For the past fifteen years ProStar has been committed to the provision of the latest mobile technology, the best laptop prices.

Best Notebook Computer

ProStar's forte is the supply of the best notebook computer for gaming purposes and our concentration is mainly on the development of innovative.

Best Notebook Computers

ProStar's catch phrase is "notebooks that lead the way" and for more than fifteen years, Pro Star has been supplying the best notebook computers at the best prices.

Cheap Gaming Laptop

The cheap gaming laptop offered by Pro Star starts from prices as low as $242.00, and the laptop is powered by Intel® and has a single or dual NIVDIA GeForce graphics.

Cheap Gaming Laptops

Pro Star’s slogan is “notebooks that lead the way” and for over fifteen years, Pro Star has been supplying the very best in cheap gaming laptops.

Cheap Laptop Computer

If you're looking for a new computer online, then the words "cheap" and "laptop" are almost biblical in scope for you right now.

Custom Built Gaming Laptop Online will change your life

The amazing selection of the custom gaming laptop online is going to change your entire life……or at least your gaming capabilities.

Custom Gaming Laptops

With the coolest items that you need to play games on your computer until you go slightly crazy.

Custom Gaming Pc

Don't you dare buy that custom gaming PC from the first place you point to in the yellow pages!

Custom Laptop

ProStar is one of the few computer outlets specializing in laptops and complementing accessories.

Custom Laptops

Businessmen and gaming enthusiasts will require different features in a computer or laptop, and if you have been looking for an outlet that can help you with custom laptops.

Extreme Gaming Laptop

For gaming enthusiasts, whether playing PC games, or for the ultimate online gaming.

Fast Laptops

We live in a world that is constantly moving at a steady pace. Time seems to be moving faster these days.

Gaming Notebook

Gaming notebooks have become a hot ticket in the last several months. The gaming industry alone has risen in demand over recent years.

Gaming Notebooks

One of the newest sensations in computer technology is the gaming notebook. Gaming gurus take pleasure in being able to game right at their fingertips.

Gaming Laptop Computers

Gaming has become a normal genre of activity in today’s world. Gaming has become a stress reliever and favorite pass time for most people.

Graphics Laptops

It is speculated that the first portable computer was built on 29 February 1969 by Bill Moggridge. Laptops were first marketed and distributed in 1981 while the phrase.

Sager Notebook

Throughout the history of mankind, brilliant mathematicians, researches, scientists and other individuals have gathered knowledge and insight to create computers such as the Sager Notebook.

Ultimate Gaming Laptop

The ultimate gaming laptop evolved through generations of brilliant researchers and individuals who contributed their knowledge and experience.

Fastest Laptop

Why are Prostar gaming laptops the fastest laptop with the best mobile technology? Frist, Prostar has many firsts in gaming laptop technology:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M Fastest notebook GPU

Simply the Fastest notebook GPU